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We have long been fans of Quinta das Marias. Earlier this year, we called them "impeccable". It does indeed seem to be the Year of Quinta das Marias. Knowing the producer, we know why: it is impossible to imagine working with a producer who is more passionate about their work, wines, and family of staff members than the Quinta. Quinta das Marias, for me, has long been synonymous with unwavering commitment to excellence.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine has published in its November edition a piece about why Portuguese wines are all the rage. In it, check out their recent review of Quinta das Marias Alfrocheiro, an excellent pour now and a wine that, due to its robust tannic and acidity structure, has high ageing potential. Alfrocheiro is a native grape variety to Portugal, and to the Dao in particular, that is absolutely worth discovering. It is notable for its potential to make dense, full bodied and elegant wines with well balanced and notable acidity and tannins. Quinta das Marias, once again, is a poster child for excellence from the Dao region.

Full article here.

Photo credit above: Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Meg Baggott