Hello and welcome to Firo!

As you can see, here at Firo we are passionate about the wines of Portugal. In fact, we are passionate about wines generally. Legendary wine critic Michael Broadbent said it better than I can: "Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures." His words bring to mind many memorable moments. 

These come to the forefront: uncorking a bottle of champagne at home the day my now husband and I got married in a civil ceremony involving two guests and a dress code of our favorite blue jeans. Toasting with law school classmates in Albany after we took the New York bar exam. Watching my dad decant a special red to drink over Thanksgiving dinner. Pouring chilled rosé into disposable cups while picnicking in the Champs-de-Mars. Opening a bottle of pinot gris with dear friends after a day of hiking in the mountains as we warmed ourselves by the firelplace. And my first glass of Portuguese wine - it blew me away. 

I should start by saying I probably wouldn't have picked a Portuguese wine, entirely out of ignorance. I was very familiar with Chile, comfortable with Spain, but hadn't heard much about the wines of Portugal. Until I found myself in a small beach town near Lisbon, at a restaurant overlooking the sea. Someone pours me a glass of a white wine made from the Encruzado grape, which is native to Portugal. I tasted it, and immediately I understood that the wine was special. On the palate it was delicate, with notes of citrus and orange blossom and a delightful mouthwatering acidity. In the mouth the wine was beautifully full and slightly oily, yet at the same time refreshingly crisp. I'd never tasted a wine like this before. So when I returned to the US after my visit to Portugal, I was shocked that Encruzado was nowhere to be found.

It turns out, discovering the Encruzado grape was just the tip of the iceberg - Portugal has a wealth of fabulous, distinctive wines waiting to be enjoyed. It is also true that Portugal's hidden gems are incredibly difficult to come by across the Atlantic. So Firo Cellars was born: to bring the best of Portugal's incredibly exciting wine scene to the United States, so that you too can discover the country's phenomenal wines over good food and in good company.

Stay posted to the Firo News/Blog for more about the wines of Portugal. We hope you get to know them, and that you become as enthralled with them as we are here at Firo.

Cheers, Cathy